Volume 10, May 2009

EDITOR: Tom Chandler
Tad Davies
Thom Bassett
Stasia Walmsley
Lucie Koretsky
Matthew Veves and Lynn Bartomeo
Amanda Dunne
Chandler Design

Editor's Note

A literary journal mimics an infant in the Dark Ages in that it has a short life expectancy and is likely poor. In spite of this standard, many periodicals are fortunate enough to grow up. With this in mind, the Bryant Literary Review celebrates its tenth anniversary.

In ten years, we have published many poems and stories, but perhaps the most notable submissions were those not published We have received poems on graph paper and post cards, as well as a laminated, pocket-sized poem. Other notables include a "bonus poem" included as part of a cover letter which explained the absence of a self addressed stamped envelope, pictures of a squirrel, and one postcard from an angry submitter with vulgar instructions in Italian. (At least he had the politesse to use a postcard made of recycled paper.) These submissions have made our history as vibrant as the literature we publish.

Our ten years have only been possible through the generous support of The Woonsocket Call, The Pawtucket Times, the Bryant University Division of Academic Affairs, and the Faculty Development Center. The Bryant Literary Review also would like to extend its sincere thanks to every one of our hundreds of contributors over the years; your courageous creativity gives each volume meaning. On a personal note, I would like to thank Professors Tom Chandler, Tad Davies, and Thom Bassett, as well as the rest of the BLR staff. It has been a pleasure to forage with you in the pursuit of good literature.

Human history persists through the written word. Every literary artifact contributes to humanity's collective consciousness. The thoughts we record and share today will continue to animate ideas in the minds of others, long after our bodies decay. The Bryant Literary Review is proud to celebrate a decade of service to the world of literature and looks forward to many more.

Matthew Veves
Student Editor

Table of Contents

Greetings from the President / 5
Editor's Note / 6

Ode to Everything Ordinary, Mary Christine Delea / 8
Orange Poppies, Helen Wickes / 10
Happy, Peter Johnson / 12
Two-Timing the Beekeeper, Timothy Martin / 13
Karel and Eva, Michael Pikna / 14
I Traveled South, Janet Jennings / 26
The Cliffs, Stephen Arney / 28
End of Summer Session at the Music School, Michael Hogan / 31
The Song of Louise Blue Feather, Zan Bockes / 32
Young Boy Riding the Wave of Desire Out of This Poem, Ken Meisel / 39
On a Beach With White Sand, Matt Ross / 42
We Are All Boot Makers to Kings, Matt Ross / 43
Exposed, Michelle Soucy / 44
barred owl, B.J. Best / 46
Jerome and the Angel, Jennifer Anne Moses / 47
The Waves, Jeanpaul Ferro / 64
Hartford Circus Fire (1944), John Surowiecki / 66
Instructions, Geri Rosenzweig / 68
The Last Transgression, William Peacock / 69
Girls, Linsey Morse / 79
Autobiography, Pamela S. Wynn / 80
Bridge of Sighs, Don Kunz / 82
How Far is Home, Robin Caine / 84
Lyme Tick, Mitch LesCarbeau / 102
Undershirt, Donna Pucciani / 103
Morendo, al niente, Ryan Cipriano / 104
The Other Betty, Patricia Schultheis / 106
Colfax With The Sound Off, Erika T. Wurth / 125
To a Former Student Training to Become an Interrogator
, David O'Connell / 126
Gone Too Soon
, Nancy Lee Craven / 128
, Charles Harper Webb / 130
Counting, Mitzi McMahon / 132
Kidnapped at birth, Buff Whitman-Bradley / 142
Parsimonious, Paul Hostovsky / 144
One More Time for Donny Deadborne
, Stephen Roger Powers / 146
Lines for an Absent Friend, Larry Rubin / 163
Leonard on the Farm, Jack Cooper / 164
Grim Reaper, Carl Beauchamp / 166

Contributors / 167